Mother Nature’s Glorious Creation…

Flowers can sooth the eye, calm the soul and warm hearts, the wide variety of colours seen in flowers are beyond human understanding. It could never be understood as to how these colours are created. Flowers not only stimulate the visual sense, it also stimulates the olfactory sense with the wide range of fragrances they produce. Apart from this flowers are edible this stimulates the gustatory sense, going further flowers can stimulate the tactile sense with the different textures unique to each flower , Some flowers can stimulate the auditory sense with the different noises they make. These sounds are often not heard to the naked human ear but could be detected through high technological recording devices.

Flowers are also known for its therapeutic advantages, they never fail to bring a smile on to the face of anybody who receives them. No matter what the occasion may be, be it sad or happy it makes you feel good when you get flowers from someone. Thus flowers are given to people who are sick, may be in hospital, to share somebody’s grief or even happiness, also to express feelings like love. These important qualities of this beautiful creation of Mother Nature has given it the right place in today’s world. Opening doors to many avenues.

The production, care, commerce and trade of flowers is known as floristry, The shops that sell them and people who handle it are known as florist Eastwood. Thesepeople are responsible for the beautiful creations finally produced as arrangements or bouquets. Flower design is not defined or limited by any aspect. Your imagination and creativity along with the vast range of flowers out there can take you to any dimension, and it has. If you take a look at the beautiful creations available in the flower shops, it can speak volumes.

Floral design is an art of creating flower arrangements and bouquets using cut flowers, foliage and herbs along with other plant material and various other objects like vases, ribbons etc. The floristry industry has an significantly important place in the social and corporate event world. Flower arrangements are used to decorate and createnecessary ambiance at these functions. Weddings and flowers are two terms that go hand in hand, Bridal bouquets, table center pieces and church decor are mostly designed using flowers as its main component.

Florists in this era has evolved in all possible areas in the industry. The capacity to create arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and other intricate flower designs have become a deciding factor of their existence in the industry. Thus it is now becoming an important career path and has paved way for job opportunities in the end.