The Tree Reports Will Help You Build An Environmental Friendly New Building

Whenever you want to start building a new construction, modify a property or a green area, as long as the trees are interested you cannot start the job without a report and consent from the authorities. The laws can differ from one state to another, but generally speaking, the idea is the same. A report will be drawn, concerning the trees and the existing issues and the conclusions and the recommendations will follow up.

Before opening a construction site you need to weight carefully how the new building will affect the trees and take intelligent decisions. You have to save the nature as much as possible, entirely if possible, and come with a plan. Following this, a good arborist report will be drawn and only after this will be reviewed and the modifications will be accepted, you can start the job. You should always remember that we have to make compromises and save the trees as much as possible, because they participate in keeping us healthy.

Think about the trees from the first moment you start the building plan

The report has a few important purposes. First of all, it will note the state of the trees, their placement, if they suffer from any disease, pests or mechanical injuries. Another important step is to check if between the trees that can be affected by the construction site is any rare species that needs to be preserved. The next stage, the second one of the report, is the conclusions that must be drawn carefully and it should explain thoroughly the entire situation. The laststep is the recommendations and they are most important for you. Together with the consultant you should come with innovative and intelligent solutions that will solve the problems and will save the trees. The ideas should be reasonable and shouldn’t put the constructor to big additional charges. Only after all these steps, some of the trees will be cut, just with consent and every removed tree will be replaced somewhere else with a new one.

Learn balance and avoid conflicts

The trees can create many problems when you want to build a new and impressive building, but all of these can be avoided if you work with a good team from the start and learn how to balance technology and nature. The simplest way to avoid losing money because you have to avoid damaging the trees is to work with a team that has a Sydney arborist in it. He will help you design from the start and he will teach you what needs to be avoided and what trees can be removed.